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The Government Shutdown: How It Affects Your Nashville Business and How a CPA Can Help

Navigate the Shutdown’s Effects with Help from Your Nashville CPA

The federal government shut down on December 22, 2018, forcing a range of government offices to cease or reduce their operations. The shutdown has now lasted over a month and is the longest in U.S. history. Whether or not it ends soon, your small businesses might be suffering its impact.

Recovery and Retention: How Small Businesses Can Survive Data Loss

Recovery and Retention - How Small Businesses Can Survive Data Loss

According to the Washington, D.C.-based research firm Clutch, 58 percent of small businesses aren’t prepared for data loss, and 60 percent would be forced to shut down within six months of such a catastrophic event. Those are sobering numbers to be sure, though not completely unexpected given the importance of data to a small businesses […]

This New Year, Work with Your Trusted CPA Firm to File 1099-MISCs

Trust Your Nashville CPA Firm to Send Out Your Tax Statements Early

Did you work with contractors or vendors in the past year? Or did you shell out some business-related payments, like rent or legal fees? With the turn of the year, you might need to add an important item to your to-do list: organizing 1099-MISC forms. You’ll need to file this statement and send copies to […]

Customer Trust and Tracking Tools: Tips for Managing Customer Relations

Tracking Tools - Tips for Managing Customer Relations

It doesn’t matter how well you use technology, how clear and brilliant your vision is, or how dedicated your employees might be: if customers aren’t satisfied with the service you provide, your business will suffer and may ultimately fail. According to Inc. magazine, 86 percent of customers have ceased to do business with a company […]

Ask Your Accounting Firm: How Will the New Rule on Leases Affect Me in 2019?

  There may be a variety of leases you depend on to run your business in Nashville. Office space is the least of it; you may also be leasing a vehicle, piece of equipment, furniture, or another type of asset. If you plan on entering more leases in the foreseeable future, check in soon with […]

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