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Virtual Services of an Outsourced Accounting Firm: Your Questions, Answered

You may have already heard about the benefits of virtual accounting. Whether or not you work out of Nashville, using the virtual services of an accounting firm can help you access important financial data easily, enjoy the increased efficiency of digital bookkeeping, and save resources that would have been otherwise spent on maintaining an in-house […]

Starting a Small Business – Tips for Retirees

Starting a Business - Tips for Retirees

Business tips for retirees: it’s funny–you can spend your whole working life waiting for retirement, and by the time it actually rolls around, many people find themselves bored with the lack of structure and productivity. It makes sense, humans are working animals. We started out on this planet spending our days procuring food and shelter […]

How Entrepreneurs Can Benefit from Smart Tax Planning with a CPA

Avoiding hefty fines for filing errors and inaccuracies isn’t the only reason why small businesses and entrepreneurs need to pay more attention to doing taxes. As any reputable CPA will tell you, tax planning yields plenty of advantages for your Nashville business. By analyzing your company’s financial situation from a tax perspective, you not only […]

Running a Small Business Helps Disabled Parents Thrive

Running a Small Business

If you have a disability and are a parent, you may struggle to bring in the income you need. Fortunately, starting a business – particularly in today’s booming gig economy – can be an ideal way to meet your financial goals and give you the flexibility you need as a parent. In fact, in many […]

What the GOP Tax Overhaul Entails, According to a CPA Firm

  After more than three decades, the U.S. senate approved the biggest overhaul in the tax system last December. Though the cut to corporate taxes might seem to be the most impactful element of the tax overhaul, a CPA firm will tell you that this is just one of the many things in the tax […]

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