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Tips from Your Nashville CPA: How You Can Start the New Tax Year Right

Are you relieved that tax season is over? Returns filed and receipts in hand, you feel like you can finally get back to running your small Nashville business without worrying about numbers for the IRS. While that might be partly true, the fact of the matter is it’s never too soon to start preparing for […]

Ask Your CPA: What Do the Tax Reforms Mean for Your Small Business in Nashville?

Meeting Nationwide Tax Reforms with the Aid of Your Nashville CPA

The last few weeks of 2017 brought sweeping changes to the country’s tax laws, leaving no taxpayer unaffected. Though not all reforms included in the new Tax Cuts and Jobs Act take effect immediately, you should consult your trusted CPA and tax adviser about what the new provisions could mean for your small business in […]

CPA Firm: Three Quick Tips to Make Computing Personal Taxes a Breeze

An Accountant from a CPA Firm Helps File a Client’s Income Tax Return

Although the April 17, 2018 deadline for tax returns is still a few weeks away, there is definitely nothing wrong with getting a head start with your computation. After all, it’s better to start early since this will give you enough time to properly compute the taxes you owe and make any adjustments as necessary.

Small Business Owner in Nashville? Why You Should Forge a Partnership with a CPA

CPA Services Spell More Success for Small Business Owners in Nashville

In 2016, small businesses in Tennessee accounted for 96.8% of businesses in the state, making the sector a major contributor to the rising growth and employment rates in the region. More recently, Nashville in particular has taken the lead on this economic high streak for small businesses, garnering a perfect score on business optimism and […]

CPA Firm Names Top Three Signs That You Are Doing Your Tax Preparation Wrong

‘Harmless’ Mistakes That Can Trigger the IRS According to a CPA Firm

It has been said that ‘to err is human, to forgive, divine’. However, some people have found out the hard way that the IRS is less forgiving when that mistake involves a person’s tax return. Though the government might offer some kind of leniency to those who take the necessary steps to fix the mistake […]

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